Saturday, February 8, 2014

Contradiction in Terms

Today I played hookey from working at the market so I could stay home and do some work here.  I know this is a contradiction in terms - if you're playing hookey you shouldn't work, you should have buckets of fun!  Ferris Bueller had the right idea for his day off - riding around in a Ferari and lip-syncing to Twist and Shout!  Woo-hoo!

Me, I answered email; uploaded my employees' hours to my bookkeeper; designed and ordered more cards and merch; and, put all of my 2013 tax receipts in seperate, logical, categoricalized (and stapled!) piles. After this blog post, I'm going to my website and put some new things on Etsy.

Sure, Ferris Bueller had fun, but did he have that sense of accomplishment and pride in his work?

Oh god, I AM  a workaholic ...!

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