Thursday, February 20, 2014

When Will it Ever END?

When I came into my bedroom to get dressed for the day, both of my cats were asleep on my bed.  As I peered out of the window at the February gloom, I seriously envied them their lives of leisure.

I was still excited to go outside, though, and buy art supplies and go to Starbucks.  I heard it was mild out - and I was so happy and hopeful that maybe Spring was finally coming!

Mother Nature is a weather tease, though.  I mean, for two minutes when I first went outside with Lucy, it was warm(ish), windless, and partly sunny.  Beautiful! And then, the wind began to blow and snowflakes began to drift downwards.  Almost immediately, the wind blew harder and colder, and the snowflakes multiplied by thousands. It was like a bloody blizzard! I swore in my head all the way to Curry's!

I loved buying paint and canvasses, though. I swear, I could spend hours in an art store, there's so many beautiful and different colours!

I didn't paint today, I was too damn busy, but I got a lot done so maybe I'll get to paint tomorrow! I keep thinking that other artists like DaVinci and Picasso and Frida Khalo never had to worry about things like answering emails or bookkeeping, etc.

I heard thunder a few minutes ago, and a guy yelled "Ya-hoo!" I wondered if it was Rob, acting happy because winter is still here.

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