Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Stressful Three Lorazepam Day

The real estate agent came by this afternoon to give me Mom's key back to me.  It was a short but nice visit.  I like Susan; in many ways she reminds me of my mother.

Upon the heels of Susan's departure, another woman came to see me.  Her name was Maddie, and three of our mutual friends recommended her to me as another employee.

Maddie was pleasant and amiable.  She's as crazy about cats as I am and doesn't mind staying up late.  She starts her first training shift on Tuesday night.

Neither of those interactions gave me one iota of anxiety, and yet, I kept popping Lorazepam as if they were candy.  One, two, three ... and, just now, four.

What has been causing me such terrible anxiety?  Two close friends had a whopper of a fight yesterday at the market, and I feel as I'm caught up in the whole bloody messs!  I hate this type of situation!  I have to remain diplomatic and impartial, while both of my friends (especially one of them) want me to choose sides!

The four Lorazepam have finally kicked in.  I feel very mellow ... and very tired. 

I think I'll go to bed now.

Good night ....

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