Sunday, January 5, 2014

Still Busy in 2014

This won't be much of a surprise to anyone, but I was very busy today.

I wrote several important emails and started working on my 2014 fiinancial ledger.  (I woke up early this morning with a jolt, worrying and fretting about getting these done in a timely matter.)

After brunch, I went over to Loblaws and bought much needed groceries.

I also went to Joe Fresh and boughht this beautiful dress, which was, of course, on sale:

I came home and had leftovers for dinner.  Afterwards, I did more work on the set-up of my apartment, mainly of the new placement of Rob's shrine.

Like the rest of the apartment, I'm pleased that I am able to see everything now with greater ease.  How many and what kind of chocolates do I have?  I only have to glance in the direction of the top of Rob's old desk to find out.  My booze collection is beside my supply of various types of chocolates, so seeing what I have/don't have is no problem for me at all.  (I kind of a 60's housewife with a private stock of a vast variety of booze.  Vodka Martini, anyone?)

But the best thing of all is the ease by which I can see the photos of Rob, as well as momentoes and possessions he used to own.  It makes me smile and feel closer to him.

Yes, I know, Rob, I can hear you.  You're saying, "Yeah, sure, of course my pictures make you smile - I'm so funny looking! How can you not smile or even laugh?"

Smart ass.

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