Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Nothing is Going Right Day

What a day!  It was one of those Nothing is Going Right Days.  Nothing terrible happened, you know, just annoying ... and a bit funny.

Because it was my day to go to counselling, I tried to eat; wash; get dressed as fast as possible and get out.  Even after all my rushing around I was still five minutes late, but it didn't matter because apparently my counsellor hadn't penned my appointment into her book.  When the receptionist called her out to speak to me, her eyes widened in surprise and she became very apologetic.  I smiled and assured her it was ok, I'd come back next week, if it was ok with her.  (It was.)

Of course, I was disappointed not being able to air out my feelings (and I sure had a lot to get out), but I mentally shrugged and carried on.

I'll get cat food at the vets, I thought, and if we have time grab a peppermint mocha frappuccino at Starbucks. Dobrila was with me today and she had told me before we went out that she didn't think it was that cold outside because when she looked out my bedroom window she kept seeing old ladies without hats or gloves on. I don't think it was a reliable forcast because my journey from the cousellors to the vets made my hand red and raw from the cold. The vets building isn't very easy for me to get into with my wheelchair so I told Dobrila maybe you could get the catfood and meet me at Starbucks. She said sure, no problem! 

On our way to get cat food, we had passed a Starbucks on Church St. and I automatically thought Dobrilla would know that was the one I meant. Unfortunately not! I went in and, quite proud of myself, ordered my drink using my communication board. (People from Carlton Restaurant should take lessons from people at Starbucks!) I sat at a table wih my drink for maybe thirty minutes waiting for Dobrila to show up. She never did! Fortunately, as luck would have it, I met a man I hadn`t seen in years who used to serve my mom and cousin and I coffee at Timothy`s. I asked him to please put my drink in my bag, thanked him and drove home. 

Dobrila was waiting for me at the elevator worried out of her mind! Apparently, she had gone to two other Starbucks, and had even asked the staff if they knew of any other Starbucks in the neighbourhood. Nobody mentioned the location on Church St!

I was home and warm, so I was in a very good mood, and both Dobrila and I laughed about the mix up. Plus, I had two peppermint mocha frappuccinos because Dobrila had also bought me one!

So, I guess something did go right after all!

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