Thursday, January 9, 2014

Getting Things Done

I've been feeling a lot better today, and, because I'm full of energy, I've also getting things done.  I contacted my friend Lamia about getting a shiatzu/accupuncture treatment (my groin, sadly, is still killing me); I rescheduled a dentist appointnent for early spring; and, I got in touch with an insurance broker about getting my business insured.

I was feeling really good about getting things resolved.  I love being organized!

And then, with one email, everything seemed to fall apart.  No, I'm sounding too dramatic ... but (and I won't bore you with the detaiils) the email I got had to do something to do with my mother's estate. (No, it's not settled yet, even after sixteen months!)  I just got demoralized! I've recieved other emails this week on this subject, and I feel like I'm on this crazy merry-go-round.  Not to mention the fact that every time I write an email about my mother's estate it's like a dagger through my heart because it makes me face up to the fact that she will never come back.

But I will survive...

You're going to hear me roar...

Ain't nothing gonna keep me down...

So what, I'm still a rock star!

Yeah, you guessed it, I've been listening to my playlist again! It's the only thing that keeps me sane... well, friends and cats who let me cry on their shoulders.

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