Thursday, January 16, 2014

Imitating Cats

My friends, family, a lot of my regular customers at the market, and people who faithfully read my blog know how much I love cats. 

It goes beyond their furry cuteness, although that's a big part of it.  It even goes beyond the way they snuggle up to you and purr, as if your touch was the best thing that they've ever felt

I love how cats take care of themselves.  If they're hungry they eat, if they're tired they sleep, and, if they're feeling playful they chase around toy mice or strings.

I admire this about cats.  And, today, as I felt the pain that has been my constant companion for almost three months, I decided not to get into my wheelchair today but, instead, work from my commode chair.  (The mere 10 second action of transferring onto/off of my wheelchair causes me terrible shooting pain!)

I also went on my friend Lamia's website and booked an acupuncture appointment.  I could see that there was only one available day in January: Saturday the 25th.  I scanned for any time available in the late afternoon, not wanting to miss a day at the market. There was nothing, though, only spaces in the early to mid afternoon.

I gritted my teeth, sighed, and resigned myself to staying home that day, losing sales, but recieving a much needed treatment of acupuncture.  Be a cat, I thought, take care of yourself!  Health is worth much more than mere money.

Tomorrow, if my pain is less, I might start a painting.  (I've been dying to paint for ages!)

Or, I might just bat around a toy mouse for awhile ....  Hershey and Rascal make it look like so much fun!

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