Saturday, January 4, 2014

Good and Bad

I only made $15.00 at the market today.  That was bad.  Januarys suck at the market!

However, my friend Jutta came to see me and gave me some exciting news.  Awhile ago (perhaps six months ago or so), she entered my name/information, on my behalf, to be an artist in residence at the Panam games.  Well, apparently, my application actually was one of those chosen!  I have no other information than this (Jutta told me that she'd email me with all of the details), but I'm so excited!

I had dinner at Hot House with Motria and Brittainy.  The food was delicious, the company wonderful -  one more good thing that happened today.

I'm at home now, and that's good too!  Hell, it's flipping fantastic!  I'm out of the cold; cuddling with my lovely, sweet cats; and, admiring my apartment's new set up.  It looks good and feels good too.

I like days that are mostly good and a tiny bit bad, don't you ...?

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