Monday, February 4, 2013

Cat-ronation St

"As busy as a one-armed paper hanger!"  I can't remember when or where I first heard this saying, but I've often thought it sure could have been said about me.

Today, I showed a new trainee the ropes and emailed another person about coming for her training shift tomorrow.   I mailed approximately 15 monthly membership packages out, only to come home and get two more ready for the post.  Intending to work on a commissioned painting of a Siamese cat tonight, I went to Curry's to buy art supplies.  However, I decided to work on less exciting things, like organizing the database of my Dandy Card Members and update my finances.

Today, at Tim Horton's, I explained to Sarah how my mind works: like my body, it`s pretty much always in motion.  Ideas, worries, memories, longing - and, yes, sometimes fantasies!  Do I mean of  a sexual nature?  Sure, sometimes! 

However, there are times when I fantasize about having my Cerebral Stimulator (it was implanted onto my cerebellum to lessen spasms when I was 18) being struck by lightning and suddenly having super powers.  One of the powers I'd have would be the ability to take a person's suffering (physical/emotional) and put it onto the person(s) who caused it in the first place.

And then, I told Sarah about another fantasy I have.  In my humble opinion, the writing on Coronation St. has been sub-standard for about maybe six months now.  My dream is to kidnap the writers, put them on a desert island, and then write the episodes myself.

We laughed about this, of course,  but then Sarah came up with a brilliant idea!  I could write an episode (or episodes) for a show called Cat-ronation St and then put it on YouTube.  We'd either use real cats, cat finger puppets - or both!

It sounds nutty, sure, but in my opinion, people like nutty.

Besides, I need another project to occupy my mind and time! I'm just not busy enough.

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Unknown said...

Hey, just found your blog and wanted to say I love the cat-ronation street idea! People definitely like wacky and that sounds like it has some serious potential. What a creative idea! Also, if you're ever interested in getting involved with the CP community, check out the Cerebral Palsy Family Network! Their facebook page connects all types of people affected by CP and their website has tons of helpful resources. Anyway, hope you find it helpful! Keep up the blog and the art!