Saturday, February 16, 2013

Another Market Day, More Snow

What a day!   Mostly good, with some anxious moments thrown in to make life exciting.

Sales weren't bad today, which is good!  A surprising amount of people came over to my table to say that they had heard my interview with Sook-yin two weeks ago.  That was cool!

Another surprising thing happened - Bruce and the kids dropped by to say hi before they went to the Auto Show!  They've never just dropped by to see me at the market before.  Aside from the usual pleasantries, I took the chance to tell Bruce about my funding problems and about Mom's will and the ridiculous court system.

I would have liked to chatted more with the three of them, but 1) they had to leave and 2) I had just found out that there had been a mix-up with the scheduling of my employees and I had to text people and see if this problem could be fixed - and fast!

I had been 99% sure that Yuula would be doing the 2pm-7pm shift, but it hadn't been written down in the Google calendar, so she had accepted a shift at her other job.  Fortunately, it all worked out.  When Sarah left the market at 2:00, my friend Leon jumped in and helped me sell my wares.  (I have such fantastic friends!) And then, around 3:30, Yuula left her other job and came to help me with the rest of my day.

I had one more surprise before I left for home.  A woman I hadn't seen in 25 years came to see me and thank me for sending me an invitation to Linkedin.

The interaction was both good and bad.  I used to always really like Jutta, and she seemed to be the exact same person with the same attributes: warmth, humour,, insight, and empathy.  She taught me about computers, modems, and printers.  She came to my family home, and my mother treated her to tea, cookies, and muffins.  When I first told Jutta that I was chatting to a guy on a BBS whose name was Rob but his alias was Thingfish, she was excited for me.

It was so hard telling her about Rob and mom (will it ever get any easier?), but then Jutta told me that her grandmother had recently died and that her parents had passed on a few years ago.  So, it felt like we were in the same boat somehow.

Coming home, I swore in my head about the frigid temperatures, but the snow did come down very prettily.

I must go to bed.  My neck is killing me.

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