Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mixed Emotions

The day started out with Laura putting my Frank Zappa poncho on me, and almost immediately I heard "Love of My Life" playing in my head, which made me very happy.

Although I didn't make a ton of money, it wasn't too bad for a February market day.  Except for one woman who sniffed and put her nose in the air when I told her one of my paintings was $55.00 (even though I really wanted $75.00 for it), people seemed more enthusiastic about my art than usual.  One couple came to my booth just to say that they had received a lot of complements about the Christmas cards they had purchased from me.  And, a man told me that he had bought a small painting of teddy bears from me three years ago. Incredibly, he also told me that he had thinking of flying to Orlando, Florida today to visit his brother, but decided to stay one more day just so he could see me and buy some cards.

I had brought my Ipad specifically so that I could listen to the DNTO radio show ... or, in this case, the podcast version. It was brilliant!  I loved it!  But, at the very end they played "Love of My Life", which I had requested previously, and, I don't know why, but it made me cry.

Well, I do know why.  It's because I miss sharing my life and achievements with Rob.  

A similar thing happened at Spaghetti Factory tonight when I was celebrating my brother's birthday with him and his kids.  We were having fun, enjoying ourselves, when our favourite waiter came and asked where Mom was.  It killed me to tell him, but I did.

Will these things get better?  I hope so.  In the meantime, I'm going to go bed, cuddle my cats,  and think about the man who chose to see me instead of going to Florida.

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