Friday, February 8, 2013

Snowed In

Bloody hell! It's snowing outside, and I doubt I'll be able to go to the St. Lawrence Market tomorrow. At first I cursed and raved and ranted, "Bloody Hell! I need money!" I knew that most of the sidewalks would be shoveled, but there would be snowbanks left from the plows at every corner.

Throughout the day, however, I became more fatalistic. So what! The St. Lawrence Market will probably be dead tomorrow, and I sure could use a day off. I'm not saying I'll relax particularly, but I'll be able to finish the painting of the Siamese cat and start another painting.

This will be a short entry. I'm going to eat some steak and vegetables, then drink a toast with Laura's maple syrup whiskey to Rob's love of snow. May you be running around happily in this cold white stuff, Sweetheart.

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