Saturday, February 23, 2013

Silliness at the Market

Perhaps it was because I had been depressed and stressed out ever since Thursday, or perhaps it was because I only had four hours of sleep last night (Hershey and Rascal were fighting each other until the wee hours of the morning), but whatever it was Sarah and I were cracking jokes and laughing about everything as we worked at the market.

There was this one customer who, after she bought of cat note cards told me that she had a "ginger cat" named Tigger.  "Not very original," she said, "but I think he likes it."  After the woman left, I turned to Sarah and said with a laugh, "What if her cat is secretly annoyed that she called him Tigger? He probably says, 'my mother named me Rocky, not a wimpy name like Tigger!'" I went on to say, "Yes, he's probably meowing, 'no no no no no, not Tigger - Rocky! Say it with me!'"

And then there was this funny misunderstanding between Sarah and I. Just as this loud, annoying kid was going by yelling, Sarah said "Yuck! Sea snail!" Sarah was talking about the jewelry stall across from me, because she was listening to a description of how they actually get the abalone. I said to Sarah with a smile, "Gee, for a moment I thought you were talking about that kid, and I thought, boy, Sarah, that's kind of mean!" And for the rest of the day every time a kid or baby went past us, we said "There goes another sea snail!"

Before all of this sea snail stuff, another customer came up with his baby and bought a pack of cards. As he was paying, he looked into my eyes and smiled, and I could tell how good-looking he was. After they left, I turned to Sarah and said, "Boy, cute dad! And the baby wasn't too bad, either!"

I kept referring to the fact that Mercury is in retrograde, because I'd read that it was happening now and would end on March 23rd. Sarah had never heard of this term before, and neither had my friend Leon. That's odd! They both thought it was the name of a band! I told Sarah maybe her boyfriend Gavin should rename his band "Wooden Sky" to "Mercury in Retrograde." Sarah laughed and said Gavin liked the name that they had. His band, she told me, started out being called "Friday Morning Regrets," and I said, "that's odd, shouldn't it be Sunday Morning instead?" Sarah said, "Sure sure, but I guess Friday is the new Saturday."

(By the way, Gavin's band just got nominated for a Juno! Congratulations guys! I guess you won't be changing your band name any time soon.)

Ok, that's all for now. I'm going to go chat with my cool, great, fantastic, brilliant nephew for a while, then go to bed.

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