Monday, March 23, 2015

The Fight is On!

Early this morning, I told Marjie that I wasn't sure if I was getting a cold if it was just a bad allergy day. Half an hour later, Marjie asked me if I wanted oil of oregano and I declined, saying I was feeling much better.

I had a shower later on, and I accidentally inhaled some shampoo and water.  It was a lot!  It felt like I had snorted up a litre of suds and water.  For the rest of the day I tried to blow it all out of my nose.  Ick!

Now it's evening and I'm feeling better.  Well, sort of ....  I'm feeling like I'm maybe a cold again.

Time to bring out the BIG GUNS: vitamin C and oil of oregano!

The Fight is On!

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