Friday, March 20, 2015

Fire Alarm Went Off. Boys' Day Ruined.

Usually, my boys live a pretty happy and spoiled life. I absolutely adore them, and they know it!

Sometimes, however, not even my adoration can snap them out of a funk if they're suddenly faced with the dreaded, frightening, EAR-PIERCING FIRE ALARM!!!

My poor boys look both distressed and confused after the noise has finally ended.  I can imagine what they're saying to each other ...

Rascal:  Did you hear that, Hersh?

Hershey:  Yup.  The Invisible Monster is back.

Rascal:  How do we -- how do we -- uh -- get rid of it?

Hershey:  We'll sleep on it, Rascal. We'll sleep on it!

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