Monday, March 2, 2015

Life Just Got Busier

I thought I was doing pretty well.  I picked up a package from the post office, had a couple of prescriptions refilled, bought groceries, and tried my best to arrange with my friend/photographer Jeff.

My toilet has been broken for a few days, so today I went today to talk to the new administrator about fixing my toilet.  That request was fine.  And then, I asked the new administrator if I could please have two key cards because I'd just hired two new employees.  Her reply had been, Yeah, sure, it'll be $30.00 each for the deposit please.  Shocked, I told her that I had never paid for any of my employees' key cards before and that $30.00 each sounded outrageous to me!  She,stuck to,her guns, though, and said that's what she believed to be the rule here.  I tried to reason with her by explaining that I hire my own employees who assist me  with my daily routine, and I would have have been able to do this if I had been expected to pay $30.00 a person!

The matter did not get resolved,, unfortunately, so I need to write an emaI t her and try see things from my point of view.  Actually, it's n just me. Other people who receive Direct Funding to hire their own employees shouldn't be made to pay for extra key cards. It's discrimination!  It's a financial barrier to a person's independenve!

I Was going to paint this evening and start a whole new picture, but now I have to write this emaI a then fill,out a questionable that a speech language pathologist student asked me to,do as a favour for her.

So, I'll paimt tomorrow.  Hopefully ....

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