Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Lot on My Mind

I came home, unloaded all of my market gear, put on my comfyn Chocolate Moose nightgown, and had spaghetti and spiked frappuccino as I watched Being Human on Netflix.

Now, all alone in my apartment (except for my cats) I'm faced with so many things I should see to. Yes, sure, I could just relax after a long day and not do anything - but let's face it, people, it's just not in my makeup to intentionally procrastinate!

I have a list in my head that goes something like this:

1) Email transfer money to Amy for her admin assistance that she did on Friday.
2) Update my finances.
3) Update my employees' schedule.
4) Make improvments to my website.
5) Upload the pictures of my bags and t-shirts that Amy modelled for to Etsy.
6) Write thank you email to Luc Sculpture Gallery for accepting my three paintings, and ask how I make a payment to them.

Ok, ok, maybe I'll do half now and half tomorrow morning ....

Or, maybe I'll do a bit of work from bed tonight with my iPad.

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