Saturday, January 24, 2015

Putting On My Thinking Cap

This morning, as Brittainy was assisting me in getting dressed, she might have noticed that I seem to be preoccupied, and she would have been correct.

My mind was full of ideas about how to improve  and promote my business.  One thought I've had for awhile is to have a "Find the Face of Dandylion" promotion, where people find stickers with  pictures of Dandylion on them and get a price reduction on their purchases. I'm going to implement this idea today at the market.

(Hmm, I just had another idea. Since next month is Dandylion's birthday, maybe I should make booklets telling the story of his life and why he became my muse. People might be interested in this story.  God, I miss that damn crazy cat!)

Plus, I'm going going to ask The Printing House to take the photo of my painting finger and put it on a plaque, and then add the words:  "Annie's Dandy Note Cards and Artwork -  Making People's Lives a Little More Dandy!"   I'll hang it up at the market ... although I'm not sure how long I'll be allowed to stay here.

That's another issue I need to put my thinking cap on for: how to stop the bureaucratic monsters from evicting all of the cart vendors in March.


Please sign this petition to stop the vendors at St. Lawrence Market from being evicted

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