Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Memories of Ginger Beer and Grandma Dixon

I had more stomach problems today, so I drank some dark ginger ale to settle down my complaining guts.

Dark ginger ale tastes vastly different from the regular kind. One sip tasted to me like ginger beer, a drink that my Grandma Dixon used to love.  This simple fact brought up so many childhood memories.

I remember when my grandparents would come over to our house to have dinner and play Pinochle.  A toddler at the time, I could hear my parents and grandparents talking and laughing, and I always insisted on getting out of bed to join in the fun.  I would marvel at how my dad called my grandfather George not Grandpa.  I would feel annoyed with my mother for trying to go back to bed.  I'd just gotten up!

Grandma and Grandpa Dixon resided half of the year in Toronto and half in Florida.  According to my mother, Grandma Dixon could never decide where she liked to live most (or least).  In either location, my grandparents were simply mad about going to the horse races.

Such wonderful, fond memories ...  It makes me want to go out tomorrow and buy some real ginger beer.

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