Friday, January 2, 2015


Sometimes life is ironic.  And, sure, I can appreciate irony when it has some humourous aspect to it, or even if it has a moral theme to it.  For example, if you stole the answers to a quiz on one book and then you found out that the quiz is on another book.

Most times, however, irony can be just nasty! I mean, I was disappointed at first that the market is closed for renovations tomorrow but then I thought, No problem! I'll stay up late tonight and work on the commissioned painting. (It's supposed to be finished by the 16th, but I like to get my projects done early so I don't end up getting stressed out.)

However, I suddenly had stomach problems which lasted over an hour.  I'm fine now, but too tired and worn out to paint.

Tomorrow, however, that painting is all mine!  Moo-hahaha!

Unless something else comes up preventing me from working on my day off from the market ....

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