Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Google Calendar Disaster!

I hate this kind of day.  I woke up this morning with all sorts of plans in my head.  I was going reply to reply to Chicago's BROAD magazine and say, fuck yes you can have one of my artworks and a story about me for your next issue! And my financial advisor gave me some homework to do. He suggested I gather up all my bank visa statements and figure out how much I actually spent in the past year so we can make a budget for this year and following years.

I was looking forward to doing all this but then I saw that someone had deleted all my calendar info. I know who did it and how, but I don't blame her at all. I blame Google! Sometimes I can s ee other people's dates on my calendar because somehow sometimes calendars get melded together. My friend deleted her calender which also deleted mine.

So, most of tyhe day was spent trying to remember everyone's schedules and editing it back into the calendar.

I'm going to relax now and paint for a while.

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