Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Jeff Bierk Stream of Consciousness Guest Blog

so i'm sittin here smoking a belmont mild cuz i'm trying new shittier smokes to help me quit less and also i have an app to help me quit smoking and i'm looking across the room at the esteemed artist anne k abbott and i'm thinking of how beautiful her paintings are and i see a reflection in the window that's catching my eye.  i'm very tired.

tonight was the art with heart auction and i had a photograph in it and it's the same photograph anne has on her shelf so it's kinda cool to be sitting here now.

monkey in the middle tylenol and scribble the tooth fairy stole my last one the other night monkey pie and monkey stew i'd make a monkey out of you if only my eyes reflected light like that sweet sweet mirror in the morning light  monkey talk just like a bean, burried in a macaroni dream. salad and smoke and cans of coke......

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