Friday, October 31, 2014

A Virtual Shrug

Waaaaaaaay before Halloween (sometime in September, I suppose), I purchased two costumes.  One was a Cleopatra outfit and the other one was a midaeval queen outfit.  Why did I buy two costumes?  Well, year after year, I rarely see any costumes I like.  They're usually very cheaply made, not my size, or too expensive.   So, when I saw two I actually liked, I grabbed them, thinking I'd wear at least one of them today.

Cafe California is having a special Halloween costume dinner party today.   Somebody is going to read tarot cards too.  And, outside on Church St. is a street party. 

I wanted to go and enjoy all of the festivities, but it just didn't happen.  Bad planning on my part.  Who knew that other people have actual lives?

Oh well, I'll watch a scary movie with Maddie, eat mini Mars bars, and drink rye and Coke.  That'll be fun too!

Happy Halloween, everybody!

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