Thursday, October 30, 2014

I Was Right

I was right.  It was a long day!  I'm exhausted now, too.  Last night, I kept suddenly jerking awake with all kinds of worries about today's events.  The worries kept me awake, spearing my brain with many doubts and different scenarios.

(Why oh why did I have to have both parents who were "worry-warts"? I was bound to inherit that tendency!)

All in all, my worries were for naught. Sure, I was a bit late for the meeting because I'd gotten the time wrong (eek!) but when I did get there everything went smoothly.  Bruce and I met with the woman from Nesbit-Burns, dicussed our options, and signed papers.

Next week, if everything goes according to plan, Bruce and I will finally get the rest of our inheretance.

Now all I have to do is worry about how to manage the money so it will last for a few years!

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