Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bad Dream and New Hair Colour

I think I was more upset over the results of the GTA mayoral race than I had imagined.  This morning, I awoke from a bad dream where I was a member of the Ford family.  (It gets worse!)  I can't remember what led up to this event in the dream, but I found myself being wheeled by Doug Ford into a public washroom, where he proceeded to pee all over me!  And, all I could think was: Ok, ok, I can deal with this humiliation until I can find a way to escape ....

Maybe it was because of this dream or because of the gloomy weather, but, whatever it was, I decided to become a redhead.

 I love it!  I feel like a new person!

Sure, Olivia Chow didn't become mayor, which is too bad, but at least I'm not being peed upon by any of the Ford family ....

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