Monday, October 6, 2014

A Run Around Monday

Ok, now I'm pooped.  I think my energy level has finally taken a dramatic dip this eveniing.

And yet, I feel a sense of accomplishment too.  My landlord was contacted about the clogged kitchen sink; a plumber should be coming to fix it tomorow. 

The visit to see my doctor was both good and bad. The pain in my groin hadn't been hurting very much until I had to get on and off of the ridiculously narrow table. Not only that, but I kept being poked and prodded.

(Of course I'm a lot of pain now!)

I was then sent to have a blood test and book an appointment for another ultrasound scan.

After all of that, I went on my own way and picked up my prescriptions (and other things) at the Drug Mart.  And then, I bought important stuff at Loblaws, Joe Fresh, and the LCBO.

Now, weary as I am from my busy Monday, I'm going to sit back and watch some of season 8 of Dr. Who.

Maybe I'll write an email or two as well ....

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