Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mercury Retrograde

I don't really believe in astrology, but I always know when Mercury Retrograde is happening. Things have been so stressful for me this month, and certain people (I won't name names) have been acting very erratically!  Plus, from the delays of the condo sale to the complications involved with my RDSP, things just haven't been going very well at all.

Today, I Google searched up Mercury Retrogade.  Sure enough, I found that the dates for this erratic, turbulent Mercury Retrograde coincide with the stressful times I've been having!

The website ( http://astrology.about.com/od/MercuryRetrograde/fl/Mercury-Retrograde-in-Cancer-Gemini-June-7th-July-1st-2014.htm  )  says the period is from June 7th to June 31st.  (I can't wait until July 1st!)  It also said:  "Mercury rules travel, communiques, deliveries, social exchanges, technology and other currents.  Disruptions to the schedule are blamed on trickster Mercury, leading to frustrations, a snowball effect of missed deadlines, misunderstandings and delays."   Sounds familiar, right?

And, interestingly enough, the website also said "... Mercury in Gemini is a potentially productive [time] for writers, journalists, educators, salespeople, bloggers, vloggers, artists..."  I have to smile at this because I posted a picture of my newest paintimg on Facebook -  I got seventeen "likes" and two serious offers to buy it!

Maybe Mercury Retrrograde isn't that bad after all ....

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