Thursday, June 12, 2014

Is This a Week Long Friday the 13th?

What a week! To start off, I'm rather peeved at a relative of mine (I won't say who or why), and I was almost robbed twenty feet from my home yesterday.

( I was coming home from an extra hard counselling session, and I heard this voice say, "Hey, you dropped your jacket." So I stopped and she threw my jacket over my speech board, and then she immediately grabbed my money bag, but I blocked her hands from getting anything out. The incident happened in front of the highschool near my building. There were several teenagers sitting on the steps but nobody came to help me. Finally, I heard someone from behind me, "Hey! Leave her alone!" The woman didn't hesitate, she just calmly walked away as if nothing happened.)

And today I was training one of my new employees when the fire alarm went off in the building. The poor woman had a panic attack because she had recently been trapped in a burnung house. And then this evening I was expecting someone to come at 7 pm to help me go vote and eat dinner. Unfortunately, wires were crossed and everybody thought everybody else was doing the shift. I didn't get to vote (oh well ...) but Amy came around 9:30 and I had my dinner then. 

Tomorrow is the actual Friday the 13th. I sure hope nothing else bad happens!

Hmmm ... maybe I'll just stay in bed for the day. Yeah, like that's ever going to happen!

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