Sunday, October 20, 2013

Zappa Plays Zappa

So, yesterday evening, Kelly and I went to Zappa Plays Zappa and had a brilliant time!

Me & Kelly
Me, in my Sears Poncho
Zappa Plays Zappa - wonderfully!
Shaking hands with Dweezil

Talking with Dweezil and his band
Hanging out with Dweezil and his band

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I can't believe I met Dweezil Zappa!
It was so much fun!  The music was fantastic and very entertaining. Beer and other types of alcohol were made available all throughout the concert, which made the audience (including me) more boisterous and eager to embrace the beauty and creativity of the music.

After the concert was over, this guy named George, who worked for the theatre, arranged for me to get in front of the line to meet Dweezil and the rest of the band. They were all so nice and signed a poster for me.  (I'm going to frame it!)  And, it was so nice how they chatted naturally with me.  One of the band members actually ran after me to hand me a signed package of Poprocks. (He had been eating them during the concert.)

I sure won't forget about that night for a long while ....

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