Monday, October 28, 2013

Old Paintings and New

Yesterday, before I saw Aunt Joyce, I went to my mom's place and collected some things to bring home.

I found old photos, slides, and greeting cards.  Mom had saved all of the poetry, speeches, and stories that I had written over the years.  She had kept all of the articles written about me too.  I was her flamboyant, slightly nutty, politically minded daughter - and she had always been so proud of me!

Here are the paintings she had bought from me over the years:

"Cousin's First Home"
"Through the Mist"
"Flowers on Mother's Day"
"Standing on a Bridge"
"The Essencee of My Father"

Thanks, Mom, for the love and support you gave to me all of my life.   It's made me strong and determined to carry on.  I dare not even think about quitting on my art or writing because these things were what you greatly admired about me. (Well, that and my optimistic, caring, fun-loving ways - things you instilled in me anyways.)

I'm determined to finish this painting tonight!

I'll talk to you tomorrow ....

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