Sunday, October 13, 2013

I Need A Hero

Bonnie Tyler once sang:  "Where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods?"


I just saw Blue Jasmine this evening with Kelly. We both found utterly depressing!  All of the men (except for the youngest one) were cheating, volatile shmucks.  And the women were annoying because they acted as if they couldn't live without having a man in their life.  For instance, one of the women had been dating this guy for about a week, and she found out that he was married  So, instead of mentally licking her wounds and moving on, she got back with her ex-boyfriend who had previously ripped her phone out of the wall and had also called her a stupid slut.  Sounds like a real Prince Charming, right?!

This afternoon, out of the blue, this guy I didn't know Facebook chatted me up.  Usually, I just ignore people I don't know, but I checked out this guy's profile and saw that he was 1) British  (Brits get me hot!) and 2) he had a disabilty.  I was excited by the prospect of finding out more about the cuts to the pensions of disabilities in Britain.  Instead, I got: "Hi. How are you?" and "It's raining.  I think you're pretty. xoxo"

Now, I'm not sure if I'm ready for another relation or not, or even just flirty chats over Facebook.  When I am, I hope the guy doesn't act like a  creepy 12 year old by telling me that I'm pretty.  I know I'm pretty (fucking gorgeous, actually!) - I need some intellectual stimuli to get me interested.  You know, like favouriite foods and movies; his political opinions; the goals in his life; does he like cats or art.

I don't know how these guys who have been trying to chat me up don't know that the most important sex organ is a person's mind.  Make me laugh or care about you and that's a huge step forward in capturing my heart!

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