Saturday, December 27, 2014

Highs and Lows and PAIN

I had an excellent day at the market ... well, up to a point.

People were friendly and chatty, and they seemed to really like my artwork.  One guy said he would email me and give me instructions on which type of painting he wants me to do for him. Another person told me with great excitement that he was taking the package of cards he'd just bought from me to France, Brazil, and Scotland.

I was feeling happy and pleased with how the day had unfolded.   It wasn't until I stopped to talk to my friend Andrea (she sells soap, salt, etc) and told me some bad news.  She, and some other people, had received an email stating that starting April 1st there would be no more cart vendors.

Like Andrea, I'm both extremely upset and angry!  How can they play with people's lives like this?

I'd write more, but this stress I'm under is making my back pain 100% times worse.

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