Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Experimentation Part II

I didn't mean to end my post so abruptly last night, but I was so tired.

When I said Experimentation, I didn't mean simply trying to heal my grieving soul by consuming shrooms.  Sure, that's one thing I want to experiment with, but there are other things I want to try as well.

I used to like writing poetry years ago; maybe I should try my hand at that again.  Besides my art and this blog, poetry would give me another mode of self-expression.

I was telling my friend Alana that I was having this internal debate about where to go next year for a holiday: Baltimore; Britain; or, Berlin. I love Britain so much, I feel like I belong there, but I cry every time I talk about going back.  Rob and Sarah and I had the best time there six years ago.  So, maybe Britain in 2016 instead of 2015 (unless things change emotionally for me).  And ... I don't know ... I think maybe I'm over with Baltimore, at least for now. So, Berlin in 2015 - woo-hoo!

Stay tuned for Experimentation Part III!

(I'm heading out for dinner now.)

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