Saturday, November 30, 2013

Uncle Norm's Memorial

I went to Uncle Norm's memorial today.  As memorials go, it was sad, sweet, and, at times, very funny.

Aunt Joyce & Me

Thomas, Bruce, Michelle

Cousin Sue & Me

Me. Bruce, Ivan

Honestly, at first, as Brandon (my cousin Lesley's son) led the way down to where the memorial was being held, it took all my strength and willpower not to turn around and start bawling my head off. Memories flooded my mind of the day when I took that same route and went into that same room to marry Rob 17 years ago.  This overwhelming feeling of sadness stayed with me for quite awhile, until I asked Kelly to give me a Lorazepam with a wine chaser.  That helped! It also helped to grab Kelly's arm occasionally and repeat to myself, It's November 30th, 2013. I'm here right at this moment in time, and nothing else matters.

As I started to mellow out, I started to enjoy myself!  It was great to see all my relatives  - some of whom I hadn't seen in ages!

And, as the crowd thinned out, my Aunt Joyce invited me up to her place to meet the newest addition to the famiy.


She showed me a seven month old kitten named Daisy-Mo, who was so adorable she could melt the hardest heart. I'm very glad my Aunt Joyce got this kitten, it will help her with her grief. A kitten may not be a perfect substitute for a husband you've had for 55 years, but a kitten may help soothe your ravanged soul all the same.

R.I.P. Uncle Norm.We will all miss you. If you see Mom, Dad and Rob please say Hi and I love them ....

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