Saturday, November 16, 2013

Early Morning Blog

I thought I'd try something new and write my blog from the market.  It's going to be a busy day for me.  I'm going to sell my wares here, then leave early and go to Yuula's birthday block party at Kennsington Market. (It's going to be a blast!)  And then, I'll go home, unwind, cuddle my cats, and then work on the payroll and upload pictures of my new calendars, mugs, and cards to Etsy.  Maybe I'll update my website too, it's been ages since I've done that.

People are walking by Sarah and I with smiles on their faces. They can see us laughing our heads off, and I can imagine the thinking, "Awww, isn't it great that this disabled woman can still find joy in the world?"

Well, joy isn't exactly the word I'd use. It's more like embarrassed incredulousness over our mayor talking about "pussy" yesterday.  Sarah and I think Aaron possessed Ford, because Aaron was obsessed with pussy.  And I think Aaron and Rob are laughing their heads off about Ford's antics.

Thank god the city council has limited Ford's power.  Now if they could only just limit what comes out of his mouth!

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