Saturday, August 24, 2013

Post Post POST Birthday Celebration

I'm tired and sore, so this won't be a long entry. (Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, my aching back! And neck ...and shoulder ...and hip!)

I had a pretty good day at the market.  Once again, I made over $100.00 - things are looking up! People were super nice, too, and very friendly.

One rather funny thing happened, though.  These two women (one of whom, interestiingly enough, was driving a motorized scooter) came up to my booth and very boldly asked Sarah, "What does she have?" (Meaning, of course, what condition did I have?)  I groaned inwardly because I had heard this question asked about me or to me so many times within my 55 years!)   However, I had to smile when Sarah told the two women to direct any questions they might have directly to me. So, they asked me, "What do you have?"   Thinking quickly and smiling broadly, I answered:  "I have brilliant talent!"

I thought they'd laugh, or at least smile, at my attempt to make light of their rather rude and presumptuous question.  And, I had also thought that after the laughter had died down I could then tell them that I had Cerebral Palsy, explain how this condition affects both my body and my life, and gently tell them to never ask that particular question - especially upon first meeting someone!

That conversation never took place because, upon hearing my comment, both women turned away and, very hurriedly, left without saying a word.  Did I upset them with my glib comment? Did they feel embarrrassed over their choice of words? 

I'll never know ....

After the market,  Kelly and I met with Motria at Hot House for dinner.  We chatted and laughed outside on the patio in the beautiful sunshine.

Motria treated me to dinner as a belated birthday present. That was  super nice of her!

All in all, a pretty good day .....

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