Saturday, August 31, 2013

Neither a Particularly Good Nor Bad Day

It was neither a particularly good nor bad day.  I made just over $50.00, which isn't bad, I suppose, but certainly not fantastic either.  However, people were nice and friendly, which made the day go a bit faster and easier for me.  

Maiga (or as I call him,  Shea Butter Man) gave me another free jar of shea butter - he's so generous like that!  And, he wants to buy another painting from me before Christmas, so he can take it back with him to Africa.

Renee (or the Hat Lady, as I call her) offered to make me a hat - an orange and red hat at that!  And, before I left the market, she gave me a pretty little orange decoration.

Hmm, I guess today was more good than bad ....

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