Saturday, August 3, 2013

An Excellent Splint of a Day

When I got up this morning my hand felt a bit better, so I put on my new dress and splint, and went to the Market.

It wasn't the most profitable day I've ever had ...

I did sell a small painting to a regular customer from Lebanon who visits me every year.  It was great seeing her again; she's such a nice person.

Another regular customer gave me a poppyseed and lemon muffin.  And yet another person gave me a beautiful sunflower.

One of my friends, whom I hadn't seen in about seven or eight years, came and chatted with me.  He's the manager of Show Gallery, where I used to occasionally had solo shows or participated in group shows.  I told him that if there were any openings in the gallery I'd love to display my newest work.  He replied that he'd certainly call me right away if there was an opening.

And then new customers came to my booth and bought cards from me.  They were a young couple, and with them was their six month baby girl.

The baby's name was Simone, and she was a cutie-pie!  I think I'll use this photograph of her to paint her portrait.

I'm not sure if I'll paint tomorrow.  I'll have to see how my hand is feeling. 

Right now, I'm going to bed ....

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