Friday, August 2, 2013

PAINFUL and Yet Fun Day

Like I said yesterday, I accidentally rammed my hand into the doorframe as I was hurrying out the door. I had a really bad sleep because of the pain, so this morning I called my doctor and she sent me to get an X-ray. I didn't get any results but it sure feels like my hand is broken. I asked my doctor for a splint because I thought it would alleviate some of the pain, but she refused because she wanted to see the results first. The results will take four days, so I couldn't wait that long. I made an executive decision and bought a splint at the drug store.

But before I went to the drug store, Kelly and I went to Starbucks for a peppermint mocha frappuccino and double chocolate brownie. I was going to go to Curry's before going to the drug store, but on the way Kelly and I saw free samples of wine at the Wine Rack, so we stopped and had a drink or two. Hey, it's medicinal, right? It numbed the pain a bit. We went a bit further in the direction of Curry's and we came across some cool dresses outside of Dress Code, so we had to stop there, too. I bought two dresses and I'll wear one tomorrow to St Lawrence Market. Maybe it'll bring me customers!

So then I got to Curry's and bought six different colours of paint. Much to my surprise and enjoyment, they were playing songs by the Wooden Sky. I told the cashier that I knew the lead singer and his girlfriend Sarah, who works for me and who is one of my best friends.

So I finally got my splint at the drug store. I'm wearing it now and I still have pain, but way less. For one thing, it keeps me from accidentally whacking it on the table. I'm hoping that it will help my hand to heal. Maybe I'll paint on Sunday - I sure hope so! I really miss painting.

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