Thursday, August 8, 2013

Busy Fun Day

Today was a fun, laid-back kind of a day.

First, I met two old friends, Roger (he's a politician from Devon, England) and Ean.  We had brunch together at Golden Griddle.  We talked about our cats, politics, and the good ol' days of chatting over BBSes (Bulletinboard Systems).  Chatting inevitably led to parties and get-togethers.

And then we all went back to my place ...

where we talked about our cats, politics, my birthday party on this upcoming Monday evening,
 and days of chatting over BBSes.  Oh yes, and about where the nearest Dairy Queen was located.
Roger suggested, not for the first time, that I go into politics.  He's very persuasive!  I just know where I'd find the time to do it, though .....

After they left, I asked Lucy to trim my hair again.

I don't look too bad for someone who is almost 55, do I?

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