Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I'm both physically and emotionally tired tonight.

This afternoon I went to see my counselor. That was hard and, yet, good. I keep learning a lot about myself.

And then I went home and wrote emails and went back out to join the May Day demonstration. I wanted to go on the actual march but it took time setting up and reading speeches, by the time they were ready to go I was ready to go home and meet Motria. But at least I showed my solidarity by my appearance.

At home Motria, Dobrilla and I ate pizza and drank beer, and watched Law & Order. We also looked on the internet for the best airfare to go to New York City. It looked complicated but doable. I wanted to go to New York City for Rob's 50th birthday and see David Letterman while I was there. Rob used to love watching his show every night.

I thought it would be simple enough to go to the website and order tickets but there's so much ridiculous red tape. You have to order tickets in person one month in advance and you have to fill out forms and show your passport. Not only that, you have to answer a skill testing question about the show! What is he? The King of England? Why must viewers jump through hoops to see his show? Well, viewers in New York City have it easy, the just have to fill out the forms and anytime they want. What's fair about that?

So I've decided not to go to New York City at this time; instead I'll have a big party for Rob's 50th birthday. I'll have KFC and pizza and beer and scotch! And maybe I'll play David Letterman in the background. Of course, Frank Zappa will also sing!

Rob would have liked that.

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