Thursday, May 23, 2013

So Busy!

My god, what a day!  Emails, phone calls, texts, packages being delivered and picked up.  Mayhem!

Leon and I were discussing the script for the TV show pitch competition that's happening next Tuesday.  He and Sherry are coming over to rehearse tomorrow afternoon.

And, this evening I'm talking to my lawyer about the human rights case against the cops, which is still in the works after three years.

And then, there are the things I need to do so that my brain won't keep nudging me awake by saying things like, "Annnnnnnnnnnnne!  You need to get your membership packages out, and update your finances, and order more merch, and do another painting, and find someone to cover Natasha's shift when she goes to her new job ... and ... and ... and ...!"

I'm stressing myself out.  Quick, the Lorazepam!

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