Monday, May 27, 2013

The Pitch is the Thing

Today, for the second day, I rehearsed the pitch with Leon and Sherry.  Tomorrow is the big day!  I'm nervous, sure, but also very excited!

I hope fervently that they choose our idea.  I'm sure Leon and Sherry want this too, but it's more important to me.  In all honesty, even if our idea does get chosen, I'm not very hopeful that the people in charge will allow the main character (who is based on me) to have a disability that is so complex, or if she will even have CP.  I'm not even confident that the actor portraying "Annie" will have a disability.

Glee, Ironside (the original), Malcolm in the Middle, My Left Foot, A Beautiful Mind - to name just a few TV shows and movies - have non-disabled actors playing the parts of people with disabilities. The Facts of life occasionally had Geri Jewel appear: she had mild CP.  Michael J Fox and Marlee Matlin make occasional guest appearances on several different shows - and that's wonderful!

I think my favourite movie has to be "Dance Me to My Song".  It's an Australian film starring and written by Heather Rose Slatterly.  Ms Slatterly was an actor whose disability closely resembled mine. The plot, too, eerily mirrored my own life: romance, attendant abuse, great friends.

I could only find two links on this movie and Ms Slatterly; unfortunately, no clips.

The movie was excellent, but it's gone now and hardly anyone remembers it.

A weekly TV show, though, where the main character is like me, with similar hardships and joys - that would be truly incredible!

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