Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Duct Tape?

I feel much, much better today!  As Simone is wont to tell me, "Sleep is a wonder drug."

I had a good, fun, and productive day.  I wrote some emails, worked on my employees' scheduling, had a meeting with Leon, ordered envelopes from Grand & Toy.

Sarah and I went to see "Evil Dead" today.  I was all prepared to be scared out of my wits because it was advertised to be "the scariest movie ever made!"  Yeah, right!  There were too many ridiculous things going on to be scary.  For instance, Satan was jumping in and out of bodies willy-nilly.  I never knew that he could be so fickle! And, there was a woman who was supposed to be a nurse - she let her boyfriend yank out a huge piece of glass from his friend's chest.  Any medical professional will tell you NEVER remove a foreign object (knives, arrows, shards of glass) from a wound because the person will bleed to death.  What really got me, though, was that the nurse's boyfriend proceeded to cover his friend's gaping wound with duct tape!  I laughed out loud at this, especially since this method was used more than once!  I half expected to see Red Green walk onto the screen at any minute.

I could imagine Rob laughing at the duct tape scenes.  I could hear him say, "Anne, did you write the script for this movie?"  Rob knew I was (and am) obsessed with using duct tape in multiple ways.  I've duct taped a tablecloth to my kitchen table in order to hold it in place.  Strips of duct table are on the floor of my dining area to show my employees exactly to place me in the morning for breakfast.  But duct tape for gaping wounds? Ridiculous!

Now velcro on the other hand ....

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