Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bloody Hell! Not Again!

I had quite a nice day up until right now.

Breakfast, wash-up, get dressed, pat the cats.  And then, Simone and I went out on this beautiful spring day to do some errands.  I mailed some membership packages, bought toothpaste (on sale), and got a salad for dinner.  We even had time to go sit in the courtyard of College Park and drink frappuccinos.

I even finished another painting!  Yay for me!

I was perfectly happy until dinner.  Will chicken always be my downfall, my Kryptonite?  I took one bite and could feel the nasty little bird lodge snugly into my esophagus. 


Now, I will spend the evening trying to move the blockage, and thus, avoid going to the hospital.

I'll let you know how everything turns out ....

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