Monday, October 19, 2015

Photos from a Chilly Fall Day at the Market Part III

On Saturday, after the market, Brittainy and I met Motria for dinner at Hot House.

All three of us like Hot House.  The food is delicious and affordable, the atmosphere is pleasant and inviting, the management and servers treat us like old friends.  Usually, upon seeing us, someone will say with a laugh, "Oh, it's you guys - it must be Saturday!"

That's how it usually is. However, this time, even though we arrived early and there were not many other diners besides us, we received really bad service.  Our server was extremely slow (at one point, Motria could see this person standing around for twenty minutes while we waited) and rather rude too!

By "rude" I mean that not once did the server look directly at me, nor did she pay any attention to anything I was telling her.

I don't understand how rude people like this can think that this is acceptable behavior!  Will people ever understand?  I wonder ....

However, the manager appologised profusely and said that he'd talk to the server.  Well, at least that's something.

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