Sunday, October 18, 2015

Photos from a Chilly Fall Day at the Market Part II

Yesterday, I wanted to wear these tights (the ones on the left) but, unfortunately, it was simply too chilly outside.  There was even a bit of wet snow.

Sales were very good at the market. Interestingly enough, I had made t-shirts and note cards with the design Smokin' Rob on them for one customer.  She was very pleased with her order when she picked them up, which made me happy. (She also commissioned me to do a painting for her.)

What kind of surprised me, though, was that other people were also buying and being enthusiastic over my Smokin' Rob merchandise.  Rob, I am certain, would have been both amazed and bemused by this phenonenon.  Always self-deprecating, I can imagine him saying something like:  "Why would anyone want my ugly mug on a t-shit, cards ... or even an actual mug?"

To be continued ....

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