Sunday, May 10, 2015

One of a Kind Mom

As I'm having dinner, I'm drinking red wine and thinking about my mom.

When I was growing up I would say to my mother, "Mom, you're one of a kind!" I said this to her with great love and a bit of humour because Mom would make everybody smile or laugh out loud at stories of her past. She could make the Depression era sound like a hoot. Mom was always talking to people she met on the street or in transit and would tell us hilarious stories about the people she met. 

Because Mom had such an open and fun-loving nature, it seemed natural for she and I to go to parties together and even to a lodge together for a week.

Lately I've been watching Friday Night Lights, and I like it, but one part made me cry a little. The mother of the coach's daughter got so upset and furious that the girl was even thinking of having sex with a boy at age 15. Why did this make me cry? Because my mom and I could talk about anything, no problem. Mom would have never gotten upset over that type of thing, she would simply reason with me.  When I started dating Rob, I asked her to please take me to the doctor so I could get birth control pills. She was more than happy to do so! And, at 82, she told me all about the several boyfriends she had before she was with Dad. Way to go, Mom!

Mom, you sure were one of a kind! Happy Mother's Day!  I love you!

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