Thursday, May 28, 2015

Great Day Except for Bloody Bureaucracy

With the help of Amy and Maddie I finally got 99% of my emails written and out of the way.  And, cards were folded, labelled, and put into packages.  The paper bags were stamped with my logo on their fronts and backs.

I feel far less stressed out about doing the Riverdale Art Walk than I have in days.  Yay!

Besides working on stuff for RAW, I decided to call Rosar-Morrison Funeral Home and ask for a death certificate from them. I explained that I needed one for financial reasons. Rob's name is still attached to a couple of bank accounts, and in order to close/change these accounts I had to give proof of Rob's death to the bank.

I thought it would be simple.  I was Rob's widow and next of kin - shouldn't it just naturally follow that I get a death certificate whenever I needed one?

Apparently not.  Because I had been too poor to pay for Rob's funeral, I wasn't entitled to receive a death certificate. The City of Toronto, who had paid for the funeral could get one, if so desired, no problem!

Finally, I ended up paying $25.00 to get a death certificate from the City of Toronto website.  It'll take fifteen business days for me to actually receive it.  And, sure, all that is well and good, but certainly there has to be a simpler and fairer way to do things!

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