Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bad Day for Sales, but a Good One for Opportunities

So, yesterday was kind of a bust where sales were concerned. I only made $3.00 -can you believe it? Bloody hell!

*Takes sip of frappuccino*

However, there were some positive things that happened too. For one thing, my friend Larry came to see me and brought two of his friends. I love chatting with Larry, he's such a great guy. We laughed about the fact that I tried to invite him to play Words With Friends and instead got a totally different guy named Larry Mitchell to play with me. Well, before Larry left he told me that one of his friends is a documentary filmmaker and kind of jokingly he said, "If you ever want a documentary done, call him." And I said, "Actually, I'd love a documentary done about me and my life and art." (I'm no shrinking violet!)

*Takes another sip of frappuccino*

So, Larry's friend said "Yes, yes, yes! I'm very interested in working with you!" Since they're from Indiana it might take a while, but I have time!

When I was about to leave the Market, this guy I know from Pawsway came and told me that they're going to feature an artist for 3 months there, starting in June, and he wants me to be the very first artist to display and sell my work there.

A bad day in sales, but a good day in opportunities! Sometimes I get frustrated about lack of sales, but I think I'm on the right track and, who knows, maybe the people who didn't buy my art yesterday will buy it later when I'm more famous. 

*Takes another, final sip of frappuccino*

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